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What reassurance can the club give members around safeguarding?
The main point of contact with our athletes will be the coaching team. They are all English Athletics coaches and complete DBS checks and safeguarding courses. In addition the club has a welfare officer accredited by England Athletics to take an overview and be the main point of contact and support for any welfare issues.

What if I have a health condition?
We ask you to disclose any conditions on your membership form, information which will only be used in an emergency. As a club we provide officials who have basic first aid only. It is the responsibility of the individual to make sure that they are okay to train and compete.

I am concerned that my health condition, disability etc. you may not allow me to take part?
As a club we do not discriminate. We will make every effort to assist you in participation.

Do I have to train twice a week?
No. we recognise that our members have competing pressures on their time.

How are your training sessions structured?
All sessions are designed in advance by our coaches. The coaching team follows the guiding principals from England Athletics.

I want to do something but not sure that I would be able to compete.
Although you will be part of  a training group, each athlete will always be treated as an individual. The role of the coach and the club is for you to achieve your maximum potential.  In doing so we will always recognise you as an individual and your choice is important to the club.

Are you a running club?
No we are an athletics club. We cover a large spectrum of activities, including:
– Track – sprint, middle and long distance
– Hurdles
– Throws – hammer, discus, javelin and shotput
– Pole vault
– Cross-country
– 10k, park runs, marathons etc.
– Sports Hall

I am not sure what I want to do? No problem.
No problem. We will give you the opportunity to have a go at lots of different activities.

How else can I benefit from being a member?
The club regularly hosts social events, arrange different activities such as indoor climbing etc.

I am nervous about having a go?
That is understandable. As a club we would encourage you to come down and have a look around.

I wont fit in because I am not an athlete and have never been any good at sports. 
You are an individual. We have a full spectrum of ‘athletes’ from some that have the potential to compete at high level right through to people who would just like to try to improve their general health and well being. As a club we are actively involved in working in partnership with the NHS in relation to reducing obesity etc.  

How can I find out more information?
Either call in to the club on a training night or contact us using the above form.

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