The committee meets regularly to manage, assess and review club activities. 
The AGM is held at the beginning of each year. All members are welcome to attend.
President/Chairman - Alan Cooper
Secretary - Jennifer Crowther
Treasurer - Jennifer Crowther 
Membership Secretary - Jennifer Crowther
Welfare Officer - Debbie Hulme
Other Committee Members - Jack Carney, Alan Dawson, Mike Lucas, Carolyn Lewtas, Andy O'Connell, Olivia McDermott, Carla Cranness, Steve Glynn, Ben Farrelly, Peter Backhouse



Lead Coaches:
Alan Cooper
Jack Carney
Mark Hulme
Mike Lucas
Joe Steed
Alan Dawson
Alan Thomas
Carolyn Lewtas
Coaching Assistants:
Ronnie Ingram
Lewis Hickson
Emma Wright
John Isherwood
Nicholas Matlak
Mark Jackson
U11's Cheshire League - Joe Steed
U13's+ Cheshire League - Ged McDermott
Lower YDL (u13's-u15's) - Ged McDermott
Northern Athletics League - Andy O'Connell
Cross Country - Debbie Hulme